Naturally Curly Hair

Have you ever wondered what makes up natural curly hair and naturally straight hair? How is it decided if we are going to have curly or straight hair when we are born, and is it genetic? If you have wondered any of these questions, you definitely aren’t alone, and we are here to help you put an answer to all of your questions concerning naturally curly hair.

First off, how exactly does one wind up with naturally curly hair? The answer is simple- it’s genetic. Chances are if you have curly hair, at least one of your parents do too. But occasionally you will get people who have naturally curly hair, but without a single person in their family tree that has curly hair.

The explanation here isn’t so simple, and the reasons can range quite a bit. If this were the case, it is actually possible to pick up a curly hair trait from an old ancestor from a long time ago, usually on your mother’s side. Traits like naturally curly hair have a habit of popping up out of nowhere in some people’s family trees.

Unfortunately for those of us with short attention spans, the explanation for what makes naturally curly hair occur isn’t as simple as where it comes from. The explanation to this can be found way inside of the proteins that make up your hair, each of them extremely small. While an entire encyclopedia could be written on this topic, it can basically be condensed into the fact that the protein found in straight hair has stronger hydrogen bonds than the proteins found in curly hair. Because of this added strength, the bonds are found much closer together, which gives the hair a naturally straight structure, while the composition of the protein inside curly hair forces it to be curly on its own, giving it the “naturally curly” name. Of course, there is quite a bit more to what makes naturally curly hair, but it would be impossible to explain fully without taking several pages.

Since the protein is usually the main reason why some people have naturally curly hair or straight hair, it is why you see that having some sort of special protein is often a selling point in many hair care products, especially those formulated just for people with naturally curly hair. Scientists have found that by putting different kinds of protein that your body produces into your hair, your hair will “naturally” straighten itself, or vice versa, depending on what product you are using.

So hopefully after reading this you will no longer wonder about what causes you to be born with curly hair, or even what makes it curly in the first place. If you are looking for a more thorough explanation on naturally curly hair, a plethora of information is just a Google search away.