Rap Songs And Instrumentals from Blast Beat

Special thanks to blastbeat for providing us with amazing beat leases. They are a very great beat store for aspiring hip hop and r&B artist.

Hip hop culture is known as an expression of the unseen, outcasts who were left aside, so the only way to listen was through words, it was about telling stories poem by poem, a true  art.  It is not as easy as it looks, but I have developed as a music artist on many levels to write hip hop songs.

  When we think of rappers such as Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem and more, we notice many different songwriting techniques that have influenced not only hip hop, but the music industry as well.

  Let’s talk about some of the foundations of hip hop songs, these will help you develop your own songwriting season. Hip hop, pop, R&B or any other genre.

  1. Hip Hop Song Forms

  So the first thing we have to do is the foundation, the structure of the song.

  Hip hop songs use the form of a traditional song like ABAB, especially when the hook is so catchy that you get dr.  Nothing else is needed, like Dre ft, “A Snoop Dogg on Nothin ‘But a G Thank You”.

  However he actually adds a third verse that is very common in rap music, because remember, it’s all about the song, the message and how to deliver it.

  In addition, a poem may contain up to 16 bars, along with a chorus of 8 to 16 bars.  The third verse may be a little shorter, with just 8 bars.

  ABAB song form Nowadays, a lot of rappers like to add a bridge, check out the songwriting technique for pop songs for more on how ABABCB form is, which is very common in pop music.

  Nevertheless, the bridge may occur 8 times with a different flow and melody.  A good technique in hip hop music is to drop the final message on the bridge, the moment where everything makes sense and the boom kills.

  This is the main message of the song and not even the hook, this message was well received along that line.  This is because he prepared the ground during the poem, which suggests during the poem that it was a good day for him.

  2. Try different beats

  When we go shopping we usually arrive at various places before buying, at least what I do (and recommend).  So when you start writing hip hop songs you need to do the same;  To try different beats, melodies, flow, words, etc.

  The best advice anyone has ever given me was not to fall in love with a line and trust me, this rule is hard to follow.  Sometimes we go with the first option without being given the opportunity to explore the new option, eventually getting stuck on a raga.

  So it is totally beneficial to work on different approaches, especially on hip hop songs where you want to write songs that make an impact.